Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Some time later...

A year and a bit, to be precise.

I got hired on at FamilySearch and have been working with metadata since my last post. I've learned a great deal about the daily in and out of a white-collar job. I'm still learning, to put it simply. I'm learning how to be myself despite the dress code restrictions and living in a sea of cubes.

I feel like I have more freedom with my free time than ever before, but less free with my "9-5". Don't get me wrong; I'm profoundly grateful to have a job-- it's just an adjustment from college life (more so than I expected). I'm still in that floaty place of not being sure of what I'm doing or if what I AM doing is fulfilling to me. Considering a Master's again, in light of such reflections. I'm also trying to scrape in a few more responsibilities here and there to stay on my toes and keep learning something.

One aspect of a corporate job downtown that I really enjoy is experiencing the wonders of commuting on the tram every day with people from all walks of life. There are some days when I feel like a ghost, among the masses, and other days I've had meaningful interactions with other people. There's something deeply spiritual about observing people and being a part of a snippit of their lives. During my 90 minute combined trek to and from work, I've read lots of books that I've wanted to read forever. Therefore I've gone to numerous other worlds and held the whispers & memories of many characters-- human beings and the like.

I'm reading my first biography and so far I'm very pleased. It is incredibly special to hear the thoughts, struggles, and dreams of another person, that they were brave enough to put it all on paper and send it out to the world; and then for me to find many of this person's thoughts, struggles, and dreams are similar to my own. Reading books has always brought me new friends, and this time, they're actually breathing oxygen on this planet Right Now. That's an interesting thought. 

That's enough for now. 
Till later then.

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